You can link into our database to list your events on your website for free. This means you're not only reaching visitors to your site with your promotions, but also all the visitors to ours. It also means that we handle all the data formatting for you to make sure your listings look professional, you don't need to worry about lots of HTML every time you update, and we remove the out of date events from your listings automatically, so you don't have to worry about your site being out of date.

We understand that you may not want to wait for us to validate your events before they're listed in your site. If you create a Doowit account as normal, and then email us the details, we'll give you trusted status so that you can add events straight into the main database, which means as soon as you enter them, they can be listed on your site. Obviously trusted status will be revoked if abused. .

To include listings in your site, all you have to do is include the following code:

<A HREF="">List Events</A>

This will list all your events, a month at a time, starting with the current month. Yes you can use 'week' or 'day' instead of 'month' here, but a month at a time is probably a nice screen full for most users.


To make the listing appear in a new browser window, use the code :

<A HREF="" TARGET="events_list">List Events</A>


or to list a specific month :

<A HREF="">List Events</A>

You choose YOUR_USER_NAME when you register. MONTH_NUMBER is any number from 1 to 12, obviously starting at 1 for January.