What's On in Stevenage ?

Events listings for Stevenage and the surrounding area, provided by the people who make those events happen.

Stevenage Events

Why List your Events in doowit.com

doowit.com is the resource on the net for events in Stevenage. We're currently getting around 10,000 unique visits a month, which we accept is nothng compared to what the likes of google serve up, but then, you can add your events here for free.

What's Going On?

Whatever you're organising, if the Stevenage public are invited, then you can advertise your event on this site for free. You can advertise your bands gigs or any live music. You can advertise your sports and social club events, from archery to zoology, through football, and scuba diving. You can promote fetes, carnivals, pub and club events, theatre and dance, circus, even your weekly stamp collectors club meeting.

Are there any Restrictions ?

Not really. Just that your event is within approximately half an hour of Stevenage for a person traveling on a fast camel.

For events that last more than a few days, or are some distance in the future, consider the benefits of buying a banner campaign. Help Yourself, Help Us, and Help the local community, all at the same time.

How Do I Add Events ?

Just click on link at the bottom of the screen, and you'll be guided through. You'll need to register if you haven't done so before, as we need some idea of who's adding what. Otherwise just log in. Once you've registered, or logged in, you can enter event details. When you send your event details, they're entered into our 'pending' file, where they're checked to make sure the details are valid before being sent to the database for real. This means there will be a delay before your event is entered into the listings, but it also means it's less likely the listings will end up full of inappropriate data. If you're the sort of person who adds events on a regular basis (club managers etc), create an account as normal, and then and we'll give you trusted status so that you can add events straight into the main database.

How Do I See What's On ?

Use the links on the left. Currently, the advanced list is the only way of searching within specific categories, but we're working on that.

What can I do to Help ?

What we really need at the moment is to get the word out, so please add a link to us from your web pages, or tell your friends, and of course, enter your events.

For any further information you can , and of course, it's always good to get feedback. This project is in it's infancy, and your comments do help.


You may notice that suddenly, a few adverts have appeared amongst our listings. If you're looking for adverting, we're looking for sponsors, so please get in touch. Here's a chance to help the local community, help us, and of course, help yourself in the process.