Stevenage was built around what is now known as Stevenage Old Town. The whole area apparently houses some 80,000 people. You know there must be something going on.

Stevenage Events

Stevenage History

I did a little digging (not literally), and found that although Stevenage is essentially a new town, it has quite a lot of history. Apparently the name 'Stevenage' comes from the Saxon for 'Strong Oak'. There's a little Celtic in all of us it seems.

Stevenage was founded as a bunch of huts around St Nicholas (The Parish in the North of Stevenage, not the bloke), and there's evidence that it's been around for about 2000 years (Apparently they found some bloke nailed to a cross on six hills way (although I may be making that bit up)). Those six bumps could just be the last resting place of half a dozen Romans (or an early attempt at traffic calming on the Great North Road).

Stevenage was hugely expanded after World War II (which for any Americans who may be reading was from 1939-44) to decrease the housing problems of London. Needless to say the old Stevenage NIMBY's complained about the expansion, just as the new Stevenage NIMBY's are (I don't know, I just live here, but if the old ones had won, would the new ones be here ? - If we take this argument to a 'logical' conclusion, do we have to populate the entire planet before anyone can complain - if there ever is a fight about it please remember to list the time and place in

Stevenage Politics (A Little Bit of ...)

The Stevenage MP (at the time of writing) is Barbara Follet and you can contact her using She may even reply (she did to me), and she may say one thing and do another (she did on the vote for war in Iraq - but heh, we're all allowed to change our minds right), but if you want to winge about things local, don't winge to your mates, winge to your MP. After all, they're paid to listen to your suffering (and it's cheaper than getting a psychiatrist).

Stevenage Council also has a web site where you can find out lots of useful local information.

Stevenage Fun and Games

You can of course, find out about all of that here on, your local what's on guide for Stevenage.


Stevenage was mentioned in the Doomsday Book of 1068. Can't claim to have read it myself.

Monica Lewinsky's parents were from Stevenage - I read it on the net, it must be true.

Kim Wilde was (is) a Stevenage Lass (actually Knebworth, but what's a mile or two between friends)

To be complete honest, no one famous ever came from Stevenage. Except you, and we've got to wait a few years for that to happen yet.